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Hey there I'm Kalisa. I have a vortex manipulator, and I should e more afraid to use it. BuI'm not. Independent RPblog, and personal blog. Everything is just for fun! Allow me to list the fandoms you'll see me with: The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, The Originals, Rooster Teeth, The Avengers (mainly Loki), American Horror Story, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Steam Powered Giraffe.

boys like it when youre playfully mean to them. call them names. punch them on the shoulder. murder their families 

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Geoff: My heart is in my throat
Ray: That's a weird spot for it Geoff you may die





please someone reassure my this is just fuckin  w people right.

this is bullshit what the fuck

Wait y’alls cups are really that small? holy fuck

why the fuck anyone needs 1.3L of coke in one sitting is beyond me but anyway

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Fun facts about your sign here

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You know how many times I’ve called my mom a bitch or a hoe in my life?

Not one goddamn time what the fuck is wrong with these kids

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never loved a gif so much

this is kinda creepy tho

The story behind this painting is very interesting, though.  The artist’s mother was very sick, so the house was always filled a suffocating silence.  This painting depicts him wanting to scream, but having to be silent, hence the anguished expression.  In the whole painting you see figures in the background, one of which is his sister.

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iOS 7 more like iOS 7% of my battery left.

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